Ayo Jeje

Ayo Jeje

Leader and Pastor

Pastor Ayo Jeje, born on the 8th of March, is a highly esteemed prophet of God, a dedicated preacher, and a seasoned teacher of the Word, with a rich experience spanning almost three decades. He is widely recognized as the host of the monthly Prophetic Intercession Platform, Prophetic Streams, located in Lagos.

With a passion for spreading the Gospel, Pastor Ayo travels extensively, serving as an itinerant preacher, bringing the message of God's love and salvation to diverse congregations. He holds the esteemed position of President within the Oracles of God Network and generously contributes his wisdom and insight as an advisor on the boards of various ministries and corporate organizations. Pastor Ayo Jeje is not only a spiritual leader but also an influential social commentator, actively advocating for social reformation in his beloved country, Nigeria. His voice carries weight as he strives to bring positive change and transformation to society.

In his personal life, Pastor Ayo finds joy in his marriage to Minister Ibitayo Jeje, his cherished heartthrob. Together, they are united in fulfilling God's purpose on earth, touching lives, and making a profound impact through their shared ministry.


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