Kole Akinboboye

Adeola Akinboboye

Intercessor and Builder

Mrs. Deola Akinboboye holds a degree in Sociology and is an alumna of the University of Lagos, Akoka, as well as the Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership in Nigeria. Since 1983, she has been actively involved in ministering the word of God alongside her husband. Presently, she serves as the Vice President of Voice of Adonai Ministries International and holds the position of pastor at the Adonai Christian Center in Akure, Nigeria.

In addition to her pastoral responsibilities, Mrs. Akinboboye serves as the Executive Director of Human Empowerment and Life Promotion Services (HELPS), a Non-Government Organization affiliated with VOAMI. With her extensive experience as an intercessor and counselor, she brings wisdom and guidance to those in need.

Mrs. Akinboboye is a dedicated individual who is passionate about empowering others and promoting positive change in society. Through her various roles, she continues to make a significant impact in the lives of people, helping them find spiritual solace and practical assistance.


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